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Office Relocation Near The Missouri River

small home relocation, using a handtruck in Omaha

Commercial moving is a highly specialized field that requires the most knowledgeable personnel utilizing the latest in technology and equipment. Relying on this state of the art technology and equipment we, at Thomson, have developed a meticulous office relocation system that ensures your company's continued productivity throughout the entire office relocation.

Our proven and consistent moving method consists of five steps:

1. On-site Planning

The most important step of any move is the design and implementation of a sound, detailed plan. In order for us to create a sound plan, we must first understand the needs and goals of the corporation. Our General Manager, Chris Luguard, attends every on-site evaluation and personally designs the relocation plan around the company's needs and goals.
2. Pre-move organization Always working during the times that allow for the least interruption to your company's operations we will inventory and tag the contents of the workplace. Once everything is inventoried and tagged our team will then mark the items with their corresponding location in the new workspace.
3. Preparation and Packing We begin by disassembling the workstations and other office furniture. Our Omaha team of movers will then carefully pack and protect the entire office, including office modular, office machines, office files, and furniture. Everything will then be safely loaded onto our moving equipment guaranteeing a quick and efficient load on moving day.
Setting up another moving truck in Omaha NE

4. Transport

On the day of the move, our project manager will ensure a quick and safe transfer of goods from office to the truck. Once loaded on one of our air-ride trailers, the goods are safely secured and delivered to the new location according to our Omaha moving experts’ plan.
5. The Put-Back According to the plan designed in step one the goods are unpacked, re-assembled, and placed in their predetermined space. If requested, we can set up computers, office machines, and office libraries. The job is never over until complete satisfaction is achieved.

Employee Relocation

Whether moving your key employees or new hires around the country or around the world let Thomson Movers be your relocation specialist. As an agent for Altas Van Lines, Thomson Movers, are able to offer a complete suite of world-class services designed to save you money.


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